Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Raymond Barlow Private Workshops

Wild Birds, Animals and Private Workshops

Since the spring of 2008 I have hosted private group 
workshops to some very cool locations.
We meet somewhere close to the birding location, and
travel to the shoot for some great 
wild bird photography opportunities.

These programs are usually "one on one" where we get
together in the early am, and venture out into
the real world of nature photography.

Below I will keep an updated preview of the newest
program dates, and locations, so anyone can email me to find out 
all the details, and decide you they want to participate.

Each workshop will have a different location, fee, and
number of participants, so I really cannot provide more
details, so please follow the updates here on this
webpage.  Contact me at:


I host one day programs with tours throughout 
the best birding locations locally 
here in Ontario.

Fees range from $200.00 to $500.00 
for a one day tour.  The final amount will 
depend on how long we are in the 
field, and the distance traveled.

Cell # 905 520 8853

 Please click these links below for 
needed information...

My cell number - 905 520 8853


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Hello Raymond You are A hard working Wildlife Photographer Iam Having the deepest Respect for your Great Work Thx for Shearing it with us AMH N.A.D. Promotion.