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Raptors in Flight

Raptors in Flight!

New Dates Listed below 

October 7th and 8th 2017

Book now!

(Please click on the images for a larger view!)

Here are the awesome birds we can expect!

Golden Eagle - in Flight
Snowy Owl (in flight possible)
 Great Gray Owl - perched
Barn owl (in flight possible)
Long-eared Owl- perched
Great Horned owl - in Flight
Broad-winged Hawk - (in flight possible)
Bald Eagle - in Flight
Harris's Hawk - in Flight
Red-Tailed Hawk - in Flight
Eurasian Eagle Owl - Perched

(please note, these birds have "anklets" around their legs used
by the falconers to add a leash so they can be held on the glove)

We cannot 100% guarantee all of the above birds will fly, as
we all know, anything can happen between now
and our shooting date, but I do promise a good show.
The snowy owl will fly during the cooler / cold weather.

More Sample images here...

Gallery Images - Please Click 


Workshop Arrival Times

**please note!! We cannot arrive to the
raptor Conservancy any earlier then these times below:

Morning workshops - 8:30 

Afternoon Workshops - 12:30 pm

Shooting time

Morning - 9 am - 12 noon

Afternoon - 1 pm- 4 pm

We will arrive about 1/2 hour
before the shooting time , we take some time
 to photograph the Bald and Golden eagles
 that are perched, then we move out to the 
field to set up and photograph these 
amazing raptors.   

We start the workshop off with 
a brief meeting, then move into the training
area to being the shoot.  I am there at
all time to help you with camera settings
and to assist in creating good photography



We have a full limit of 7 Guest Photographers.
This way we have is tons of room, and 
plenty of opportunity.

 Location Details
There is a sign in front of the driveway -
"Canadian Raptor Conservancy"

Please Click Here for the map to this location! 
The actual address is 2848 Front Road, Vittoria... 

Driving directions.

West of Brantford, take the 24 south to Simcoe, then drive 
straight through town, heading south on the 24 Highway.
About 5 kms south of town the road will take a long right turn 
heading west towards Long Point.
Near the end of this turn, take Kitchen Road, its a left turn only.
Go about 200 yards, turn right onto Chilian Rd.

 Take Chilian Rd to the end, then turn right
onto Front Road.  Go about 1.5 km, then turn left 
into the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.
There is a sign beside the driveway that you 
need to enter.  

Do Not enter before the time notes above.

Fees and Payment

Weekend fee - $900.00 CND 
 13% HST tax
per person

Fees must be paid in advance please,
Email transfer, direct deposit to my TDCT Account
*cheque, cash, paypal or Visa / MC - 7% surcharge

Please do not send funds until you have
contacted me for info and 
availability of the program.

Terms and Conditions

Full payment must be made at the time of booking your position.
Guests must contact me before payment.
We shoot rain or shine.
Refunds: No refunds inside of 15 days to the workshop.
Rescheduling to a future date is possible if you
 cancel within 15 days, under the condition that I find another guest
to take your position.

Weather Issues.  Not very often this happens, but there is a possibility
of a cancellation due to weather conditions.
(too high wind velocity, or extreme cold conditions.)
In this rare situation, we offer a full credit to the
next possible raptors workshop that suits your schedule.

Preparing for your Workshop


 Please click these links below for 
needed information...

My cell number - 905 520 8853


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Rob Lonsberry said...

Sounds like a great workshop Ray. Hopefully I'll come into some cash very soon! I'd love to photograph these guys!